Welcome to the Information Center of the Omnist Movement

The Omnist League Project

Welcome to possibly the first initiative ever, in the age of modern omnism, that explores the potential and formation of an omnist league.


The Case for an Omnist League

Omnism is a fact, it’s sovereignty is being recognized and more and more omnists around the world are increasingly expressing their personal omnism. I feel it is time for us to consider the formation of an omnist league.


Statement by Koen Jacobs, OCPS Founder, About the “Sovereignty” of Omnism

Omnism, like the OCPS, has absolute sovereignty. There can be no question about that and if it ever seemed that I violated the sovereignty of omnism, it was certainly not my intention to do so or to make it look or feel like that.


OCPS: Our Humble Field Office in Cebu, Philippines

Good day my omnist friends, today I would like to take you inside the OCPS its field office in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines. We are renting this location at ₱7,000 per month, that’s about US$150. From here we are building the omnist community and movement.


My Vision is a Dream

My vision is a dream, so they say, but it was in my dream that I had my vision…


Our Omnist “Tables”

Omnism is a paradigm (or a spectrum, depending on how far you want to zoom out) that is offering “tables” to come and sit at. All these tables are positioned in places that are exactly halfway for everyone who wants to sit at on or more of them.


Omnism, by Ann Wilson (Article from 1998)

At its most basic, Omnism is a faith arrived at individually by each believer. Most began as members of other religions, growing dissatisfied with the pat answers offered to difficult questions, particularly when those answers conflicted with scientific evidence or common sense. In an effort to find better answers, they studied other religions, and arrived at the conclusion that is the heart of Omnism


“Wat is Omnisme?” [Dutch]

The next message is for our Dutch-speaking omnist friends around the world

Speciaal voor de Nederlandstalige omnisten in de wereld, en voor zij die omnisme nog niet kennen, hebben we vandaag een duidelijke vertaling online gezet van de definitie van “omnisme”.


The Next Society: The Age of Legacies

There exists a misconception about success, more specifically about how it is measured.

Most people will tell you that success is measured in terms of money, assets and wealth but the truth is that those are merely data points in a much bigger form of and much more important observation.


Is Omnism a Way of or a Way to “the Force”?

It is my experience that most folks just stumble into omnism because it is in most cases not something that you specifically search for. Most people have never heard of omnism and omnist(s). There’s not much reason, yet, to just think of it, “omnism”, and start looking into it.